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The nurses and doctors at the clinic are there to talk over the options with you. This includes discussing the long term implications, both physical and emotional, and considering practical matters such as what method of contraception you will use in the future. Often you will be seen on 2 separate occasions.

If a termination is agreed then the doctor will make a hospital appointment and if possible, give you the details before you leave the clinic.

If you attend an evening clinic the arrangements will be made the next day. You will be asked if you give permission for your GP to be informed. Read about confidentiality.

If it is not possible to obtain a termination under the NHS or you wish to go privately, arrangements can be made through the British Pregnency Advisory Service (BPAS) or private clinics. This may be expensive depending on how far advanced the pregnancy is.

If a termination is agreed then an appointment will be made at the Family Planning Clinic on a date after the procedure, both for counselling and to discuss regular contraception if not already arranged.

Frendz - Pregnancy Crisis Centre

Frendz is a free confidential service run by professionally trained volunteers providing help for women and families facing a crisis pregnancy or post abortion stress by providing the following
  • pregnancy testing
  • support in exploring options in an unplanned pregnancy
  • practical support for a woman struggling through a pregnancy
  • post abortion counselling

You can contact Frendz as follows:

  1. Helpline Daily 9pm-11pm 01387 252288
  2. Appointments can be made at other times on request by email ( or phone / answering machine (01387 252288)
Posters / flyers and business cards can be requested by phone or email: