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C2U scheme

C2UC2U drop ins are located in every town, in Dumfries & Galloway, with a secondary school - except Dalry and Dalbeattie.  C2U  provides information on issues such as diet, exercise, menstrual problems, relationships pregnancy testing, emergency contraception and free condoms. We offer a Confidential Service, which means that what is said, recorded or carried out in our clinics is kept in confidence, if you request it. This means in practice, that you can even ask that we do not inform your General Practitioner (your doctor) of your contact with us.

You will be asked to sign a form when you first attend the clinic that will give us your personal details, but you can decide whether or not we can contact you at home, by telephone or letter.

If you do not wish us to contact you at all, then we will have to arrange a method of informing you of any test results that you would need to know.

For clients under 16 attending clinics, the staff will go through a checklist to ensure that there are no child protection concerns. If a concern is uncovered, the staff will discuss the issue.

If clients reveal any issues of concern that cannot be addressed by our department, referrals to other specialist agencies will be made, but only with the consent of the client.